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We Backtest

To Perfection

    We perform up to 80,000 tests on our strategies to perfect our trade architectures and trading rules.

We Teach

Optimized Strategies

    Through dedicated backtesting & research we provide our clients with optimized strategies with high probability & excellent risk to reward potential.

We Provide

Rules To Succeed

    We provide our clients with specific rules that make options trading quick to learn and emotionless.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

We perform up to 80,000 backtests to achieve the results above. To back test an equivalent amount in competing platforms, it would take you over 9 years at 8 hours per day. Save yourself the time & headache. Learn more

Proving to Increase Returns & Consistency

Enjoy a 6-Month Free Trial

Our innovative, patent-pending options analytical software is improving our returns in ways we never imagined possible. Let us show you how it can help you too.



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Each new member receives a one year membership to our student website. A yearly membership fee will be required for additional years. Please see our Terms of Use for additional details on our option trading course memberships.