One Of A Kind Options Course

San Jose Options provides both options trading education and options trading software.  We hold many pending patents for our software applications.  Our innovations are so good that we are often mimicked by our competitors.

We provide services such as 1 Click Share-a-Trade™, HD Videos for our clients to learn from, Step by Step™ manuals and recordings, quizzes and exercises.   For software, we develop full-time, so we are constantly adding new innovations to it.  Currently, we have Tsunami™ probability, Trade Assistant™ to build our clients trades, Perspective™ charts to find our clients IV skews, scanners to locate the best trades at the moment and much more.  Take a tour in this video.

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San Jose Options Course Promo

The San Jose Options Max Safety and Max Reward strategies combined with SJ TROO™, our patent-pending options trading software platform, give you the best chance to becoming a successful option trader.  Watch our promo video for more information.

SJ TROO™ Demo – Patent Pending Technology

New Breakthrough Instant Back-Testing Capability!

Say goodbye to manual back-testing of your options spreads and hello to SJ TROO™.  See our ground-breaking invention that allows you to back-test your option trades in just seconds.  This is the first application of its kind, and we liked this idea so much that we applied for a patent!

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Tsunami™ Probability (Patent-Pending)

More Accurate Probabilities

Serious option traders design trades by risk:reward ratios and probabilities.  Tsunami™ transforms years of back-tests into today’s probabilities so traders do not have to rely on theoretical models alone.  Our revolutionary application will change the way you analyze and construct your trades forever.

Set Reasonable Targets

Have you ever wondered if it’s time to take a profit, but held on too long and lost it all back?  Tsunami™ helps you know when to exit your trades by comparing years of statistical back tests to your current situation.  Learn more by watching this video.

True Perspective™ (Patent-Pending)

Traditionally options trading software will graph a volatility smile, Delta and other option attributes by value.  On occasion you’ll see software that calculates a percentile of IV for an underlying asset.

True Perspective™ takes percentiles to the next level.  We’ve integrated our own percentile formulas into all option attributes on single contracts as well as relationships between more than one option.  Our innovation gives the option trader a much better analysis than traditional option software does.

In addition to IV True Perspective™ we’ve created many of our own formulas to analyze options on deeper levels.  Finally, you can also build your trades directly from the perspective charts.

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Trade Assistant™

Trade Assistant™ helps you locate the best trades available at any given moment. Sorting trades by 3 volatility studies, price trends and more, you get a deep and effective analysis on complex option positions. Compare trade structures on multiple symbols and expiration cycles to find the best opportunities available.

Trade Assistant™ evaluates live positions, unlimited watch lists and any adjustment you might need to make.  Find the best adjustment for your trades or know exactly when to enter into a new trade altogether.  Add an adjustment to a trade and see your updated True Perspective™ until you have the perspective option relationships that you want.

Trade Assistant™ is also completely configurable for each user.  Create your own OpColors™ with the preference tab.  Trade Assistant™­ is truly adaptable for each option trader.

Trade Assistant™ also instantly back-tests your trades for you, so you can quickly check their performance before ever entering into them or see how your live trades are performing and shaping over time.