A Quick History of San Jose Options, Inc

The Options Trading Innovators from San Jose, CA

2014 is off to a great start for the company thanks to the development of our innovative applications.  Through the use of Tsunami™, True Perspective™ Charts and the Trade Assistant™ we’ve been able to reach new highs in both returns and consistency.  We began the year 13 for 13 with our Paper Case Studies – witnessing our trading platform’s performance culminate into fruition.


In 2013, Mr. Puma revolutionized option volatility charts by putting every volatility value into True Perspective™ (Patent-Pending).  His invention provides the trader with a true graph of volatility by making “relativity” for each volatility value visual, since values alone have very little meaning.

He also invented an options Trade Assistant™ which allows a user to create trade models and receive signals on when to trade them.  His invention builds complex spreads with one click too, giving the user the privilege to bypass the tedious chore of creating trades from an option chain.

Another important invention of Mr. Puma’s is a revolutionary option chain.  This new chain allows users to quickly spot volatility skews when traditional chains make this an impossible feat.

Mr. Puma also has patents pending on back testing applications.  He invented a way to back test that is thousands of times faster than Optionvue and Think or Swim.  Tsunami™ transforms back testing into today’s probabilities, yet another pending patent and a revolutionary way to calculate probability.


SJ TROO™ is launched, changing the way the world views options analytics forever – in perspective! Our mission was to change options trading software because all current platforms on the market were missing crucial trading information. The foundation behind SJ TROO™ was to integrate as much statistical data into the platform, bypassing the Black Scholes as much as possible, so the user did not have to rely on theoretical data alone. Additionally, traditional software lacked proper volatility analytics, leaving traders blind to its existence. Our vision with SJ TROO™ was to give traders an accurate picture of volatility and all other option attributes, thus creating the first option trading software that would help increase returns by presenting otherwise hidden information to the end-user.


We rebranded our company, launched an entirely new dynamic public website and redesigned the SJ Options™ logo.

We also launched our Ultimate Course which focused on portfolio margin trading as well as commodities and futures options.


San Jose Options brought Second Order Greek education into the public eye, becoming the first commercial options mentoring program teaching on such a deep level.  Topics including Vomma, Vanna, Charm and Lambda became second nature discussions for members of the San Jose Options community.  At this point it was clear how far ahead of the market we were in both strategy design and trading education.


The Revolver ™
This adjustment system was created to lock in profits over time and remove emotion from trading by using rule-based methodology, which incorporate our proprietary, Greek formulas.

Vega Multiplier ™
A more accurate way to model volatility across multiple expiration cycles based on the front month’s volatility, another one of our inventions.

DV Ratio ™
This is one of our proprietary Greek formulas which implements the use of multiple Greeks and our own Vega values to simplify trading for our clients.


San Jose Options became the go-to-mentoring course for intermediate and advanced option traders.  With Mr. Puma’s low-risk, high-probability style, traders finally discovered what traditional options strategies were missing.


Mr. Puma came to a fork in the road which ultimately led to his decision to develop his own options trading educational course.  Mr. Puma had the foresight to make improvements to traditional strategies, which would inevitably position him on the vanguard of options trading, thus launching San Jose Options Inc., www.SJOptions.com.


Morris Puma opened San Jose Options Investore in the heart of Silicon Valley.  During this time Mr. Puma sold options courses and software by Optionvue.