SJ Options Difference

The SJ Options Difference

One of the most common questions that we consistently are asked is, “What’s the difference between your course and other courses on the market?”

Well, there are numerous differences between San Jose Options and the rest.

1. San Jose Options does not teach any traditional option strategies. These include short-term iron condors, credit spreads, naked puts, naked calls, naked strangles, covered calls, double diagonals, calendar spreads, or butterfly spreads. You get the picture.

2. Our strategies are designed with volatile markets in mind. We construct our trades in such a way that they can withstand sudden moves in the market much better than the said traditional option strategies.

3. We design our trades around R-POP™ instead of the POP. R-POP™ is a trademark of San Jose Options Trading™ and it stands for the realistic probability of profit. In short, we design our trades with probability that only includes safety while traditionally option traders calculate probability that includes an enormous amount of risk. Therefore, the San Jose Options methods of calculating probability are far more realistic than the rest of the industry.

4. We teach by example. Since 2008 we have demonstrated to our students the effectiveness of our strategies by implementing them, applying our adjustment system, and following the trades from beginning to end.

5. San Jose Options holds several pending patents. As pioneers of the options trading industry, we’ve invented faster methods of back testing and more effective and comprehensive ways to analyze option spreads and game changing probability tools.

6. San Jose Options is the most advanced options training program on the planet. We are Masters of first and second order Greeks. We’ve integrated our extensive knowledge of second order Greeks into our options trading platform for the benefit of all of our clients, and we take it even further than that.

7. Our founder has also formulated calculations between the first and second order Greeks to make managing an options portfolio simpler than ever before. The DV Ratio™ and the Diggit™’s, both trademarks of San Jose Options, are proprietary formulas that include multiple Greeks all into one number making trade analysis much faster, much more accurate and more streamlined than ever before.

As you can see San Jose Options is nothing like the rest. Over the years there have been many imitators, but they will never be able to keep up with us because we always keep on moving forward at a very quick pace.

We provide our clients with the very best options education available anywhere, as well as the most scientific tools on the planet. San Jose Options is your best choice to get an options education and to put realistic probability on your side.

Thank you very much for your interest in our company, and as always, we wish you the best of luck with your trades.

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