Options Backtesting via SJ Troo™

Now You Can Back-test Options Earnings Plays Instantly

Most option traders know what it means to manually back-test theories as well as adjustment ideas. We’ve all worked in back-testing software that would absorb days and nights to pull in just a few pieces of important data. We’d get tired of the tediousness of it all and finally give up after a few weeks of hard work.

Manual Options Backtesting is Finally Over!

Let us introduce you to our instant back tester, SJ Troo™, for earnings plays! Our instant back tester, SJ Troo™, can save you hundreds of hours of cumbersome work by back-testing and calculating data for you on earnings plays for over 4,000 stocks with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Earnings Plays Pay Off

Earnings season can be very exciting to option traders, especially if they have their hands on this tool. Hundreds of stocks average over 10% in just a day or two each time earnings comes around. Wouldn’t you love to know which ones? And how about refining your strategy to produce the maximum yields while maintaining maximum safety? This is what our tools, SJ Troo™, can do for you!

Results from Recent Real Trades

We’ve personally been using our back tester, SJ Troo™, and it’s already paying for itself. We’ve been 7 for 9 so far with a total return of about 60%, and the exciting thing is that this return only took about 2 weeks of trading days.

The Benefits of Trading Earnings with Options

Trading earnings doesn’t tie up your capital like other investments will do. It’s a great strategy that every option trader might consider adding to their investment arsenal, and what better way to do it than to use the instant back tester by San Jose Options, SJ Troo™!

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