How Safe Are Calendar Spreads?

A Closer Look at Calendar Spreads What you are looking at is a 32 Day Out Calendar Spread constructed on the RUT. The point of this image is to illustrate just how risky this type of trade is. Notice if the market moves down 10% quickly, this

Learn To Lock In Profits

Don’t Let Your Profits Slip Away Locking in profits is one of the most difficult and most integral parts to trading options successfully. However, we have developed techniques over the years to lock in profits on most option strategies.

Options Backtesting via SJ Troo™

Now You Can Back-test Options Earnings Plays Instantly Most option traders know what it means to manually back-test theories as well as adjustment ideas. We’ve all worked in back-testing software that would absorb days and nights to pull

The SJ Options Trading System

Recent Discoveries : Super Low-Risk Insurance At SJ Options we’ve developed a new options trading system which is frankly, in just a couple of words “simply amazing!” What we’ve done is discovered a way you can trade with super low-risk