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Options Mentoring I had an interesting conversation with an option trader today who is still searching for the secret to making consistent returns with option trading. He said many things that I absolutely agreed with. One thing that got my

Dual Vega Options Trading

Managing Vega With Dual Vega Option Spreads The BRIC is a Dual Vega strategy developed by SJ Options By: +Morris Puma Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simple remove the effects of volatility from your option trading? This is one of the

What Are Options?

So, what are options? Since we already know why investors trade options, it’s important to know what they are exactly. The technical definition states: An option gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to purchase a security at a set

Why Investors Trade Options

Reasons Why Investors Trade Options It’s time to throw out the “options are risky” sentiment and truly understand why many investors actually trade them. Contrary to popular belief, options can be used in safer ways when used correctly. In fact,

Investment Myths That Can Hurt You

Learn How to Invest by Being Aware of These Investment Myths Investing may be risky but so is everything else in life that you have very little knowledge about. With investment education and adequate practice, you can build a solid portfolio

Credit Spreads Explained

Credit Spreads Explained And How To Adjust For Risk Many investors looking to get into options start with credit spreads after learning basic options fundamentals. This occurs because credits spreads are easy-to-understand and it appears that